Blue Safety Light Improves Pedestrian Safety

Forklift and pedestrian safety in warehousing, manufacturing and materials handling operation is often jeopardized by a few factors; noise and inattention.  We recommend pedestrian training when applicable to make sure anyone that enters your facility knows that forklifts and other moving equipment is being operated, and to be aware at all times as things can go from safe to dangerous in the blink of an eye.

See Blue Safety Light in Action in this Video

Making sure you provide comprehensive Forklift Operator Training to your forklift operators will also go a long way in achieving pedestrian safety. Alas, we are all too human and mistakes and distractions can occur. This is where Blue Safety Light enters to assist.

The LED Blue Safety Light mounts to the front mast or rear of the overhead guard and emits a powerful blue beam of light about 15′ in front of, or behind the forklift.  This alerts pedestrians that a forklift is approaching long before they might hear it. Blue Safety Light is very useful in situations where noise in your facility is a factor or when virtually silent electric powered motive equipment is being operated. See it in action below. Then Contact Us or give us a call at 877-303-LIFT for more information or a quote.

Blue Spot Forklift Safety Light